Thousands of gutted Iraqi military vehicles and luxury cars are crammed together for miles along a six-lane highway where Iraqi soldiers tried to escape U.S. bombers during the liberation of Kuwait City.

The scene along the main highway leading west from the city looked like the world's largest demolition derby had ended in a giant fireball."They were just trying to get out of Dodge City, but they didn't make it," said Marine Sgt. Kelvin Pitt, of Newark, N.J.

The highway was strewn with burned out tanks, armored personnel carriers, Mercedes-Benzes, school buses, fire engines, pickup trucks and scores of other vehicles that had been in a massive convoy three miles long.

Amid the charred metal remains rested both the debris of war and the booty that Iraqi soldiers had obviously hoped to take home.

Mixed in with the AK-47 assault rifles, unopened cases of grenades and mortars were Sony televisions and stereos, jewelry and a leather briefcase filled with Christian Dior's Poison perfume.

There were wall clocks, tennis balls, basketballs, portable piano keyboards and a set of women's hair curlers. Many items still had price tags on them. Noticeably lacking were food and water.

"They just raped this place," said Marine Maj. Bob Brennan of Camp Lejeune, N.C. "It's total devastation."

A few of the Iraqi dead, fire blackened and fly covered, were still sprawled on the road. But most of the bodies have been removed following the Tuesday bombing raid that targeted both ends of the convoy, leaving everyone else trapped between two walls of fire.

Many troops abandoned their vehicles and walked into their own minefields during the nighttime battle rather sit exposed and helpless under the withering bombing assault, said Marines from the 2nd Division who captured thousands of Iraqi soldiers.

"They just dropped their weapons and started walking south (toward the Marines)," said Sgt. Tito Pro of Ontario, Calif. "They were pretty pathetic."