Taxpayers are making fewer errors on this year's tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service reports.

The number of returns filed through Feb. 22 is up 0.3 percent from last year while all five major types of errors found in the past are down, the IRS said.The most frequent area for errors remains the earned-income credit, which benefits working families with children and low incomes. Many taxpayers still fail to claim the credit while others enter the wrong amount. The credit has accounted for 10.3 percent of all errors this year, compared with 13.5 percent last year, the IRS said.

"While dropping in frequency, entering the wrong standard deduction continues to be the single most prevalent error, representing 4.2 percent of taxpayer errors, down from 6.2 percent last year," the IRS said.

Other mistakes include choosing the wrong filing status, electing an incorrect exemption line and erroneously claiming or failing to claim a higher standard deduction for being blind or past the age of 65.