During the 45 days legislators were in session, they passed 299 bills and 83 resolutions. The approved bills are forwarded to the governor, for his signature or veto

Bills passed during the 1991 session are

Senate bills passed

SB1 (Finlinson) - Requires water system operators to be certified by the state.

SB2 (Hillyard) - Changes the names of certain homicide offenses.

SB4 (Holmgren) - Changes the motor fuel tax refunds available to off-highway vehicle accounts.

SB5 (Fordham) - Repeals the termination date for the telecommunications program for the deaf.

SB6 (McMullin) - Extends the tax credit for energy-saving systems.

SB7 (Leavitt) - Relaxes petition requirements for the creation of a conservancy district.

SB8 (Steele) - Allows a student who passes a written driver education test to receive a practice permit and complete the driving test at a driver license division office.

SB9 (Beattie) - Changes parts of the occupational disease law as it applies to hearing loss.

SB10 (Hillyard) - Eliminates the requirement of a criminal conviction before civil shoplifting charges can be pursued.

SB11 (Myrin) - Changes the powers of the state engineer as it relates to water.

SB15 (Myrin) - Clarifies the roles of the Utah Department of Transportation and the Transportation Commission.

SB16 (Craig Peterson) - Clarifies when a felony conviction can be entered and sentenced as a misdemeanor.

SB17 (Leavitt) - Allows private schools to conduct criminal background checks as a condition of employment.

SB18 (Leavitt) - Creates a nominating commission for State School Board members.

SB19 (Nielsen) - Requires that fines from overweight vehicle citations be deposited in the Class B and C road accounts.

SB21 (Leavitt) - Creates a state geographic information base and details its use.

SB22 (Finlinson) - Changes the purpose of the Water Development Coordinating Council.

SB23 (McAllister) - Prohibits specific kinds of abortions.

SB25 (Chuck Peterson) - Defines the kind of work that counties, cities, and towns can do on roads as maintenance without contracting the work out.

SB26 (Black) - Establishes minimum mandatory fines for overweight vehicles.

SB27 (Steele) - Requires certain motor vehicles to have mud-guards.

SB30 (Leavitt) - Provides for site-based decisionmaking programs in the public schools.

SB33 (Leavitt) - Exempts from execution any property on which there is a judgment for failure to pay another state's income tax on retirement benefits.

SB34 (Rees) - Reorganizes the Division of Environmental Health into the Department of Environmental Quality.

SB38 (Finlinson) - Allows higher education institutional councils to establish executive committees.

SB39 (Leavitt) - Provides for victims of crime to be notified upon the release of their offenders from prison.

SB43 (Hillyard) - Authorizes certain Utah electric power agencies to allow public agencies in contiguous states to participate and vote as members of the Utah Public Agency.

SB44 (Craig Peterson, Hillyard) - Provides for children's justice centers for children who are victims of abuse.

SB45 (Richards) - Clarifies the drug offense forfeiture jurisdiction.

SB46 (Bunnell) - Amends the procedures used by counties in tax sales.

SB47 (Baird, Hillyard) - Revises the power of sheriffs to classify jail inmates.

SB49 (Beattie) - Amends the burglar alarm certification act.

SB50 (McAllister) - Makes technical corrections to the revenue recognition standards.

SB51 (Money) - Clarifies parental responsibility for pregnancy costs and support of the children of an unemancipated child.

SB52 (McAllister) - Directs the Division of Parks and Recreation to develop a recreational trail system.

SB53 (Barlow) - Extends government immunity to state-owned medical facilities, like the University of Utah Hospital.

SB54 (Steele) - Increases the number of penalty points a driver can receive before he has to take the written examination upon renewal.

SB56 (Steele) - Requires peace officers to file the original accident report with the Department of Public Safety.

SB58 (Rees) - Changes definitions of local health boards.

SB59 (Myrin) - Authorizes local police agencies to use photo radar in limited circumstances.

SB60 (McMullin) - Prohibits drinking in and around a vehicle that is either on or off a highway.

SB62 (Craig Peterson) - Requires certification of wastewater treatment and sewage system operators.

SB63 (Bunnell) - Allows limited retail facilities on the premises of a winery.

SB66 (Beattie) - Allows legally documented aliens to have the same access to dangerous weapons as U.S. citizens.

SB68 (Beattie) - Reduces criminal penalties for motor vehicle violations by security personnel.

SB69 (Myrin) - Requires the Transportation Department to synchronize state traffic signals with those of local governments.

SB71 (Finlinson) - Allows for the artificial recharging of ground water aquifers.

SB73 (McMullin) - Provides oversight for special improvement district budgets, capital plans and audit reports.

SB74 (Richards) - Clarifies sentencing provisions for the DUI law.

SB78 (Ockey) Establishes the Utah Intermountain Port Authority.

SB80 (Nielsen) Provides members of the armed forces mobilized in Operation Desert Shield refunds for hunting and fishing licenses, tags or permits.

SB84 (Money) - Repeals the requirement for a funeral service license.

SB87 (Ockey) - Makes it a criminal act to illegally factor a credit card draft.

SB90 (Beattie) - Repeals the Great Salt Lake Authority.

SB92 (Craig Peterson) - Requires a six- and ten-year period of repose and a two-year period of limitations for injuries due to defective design or construction of an improvement.

SB94 (Money) - Makes compliance with pesticide label directions and agency rules an affirmative defense for alleged misuse of pesticides.

SB95 (Ockey) - Prohibits unsolicited facsimile advertising and provides a penalty.

SB97 (Richards) - Increases penalty maximums of the Utah Occupational and Health Safety Act to comply with federal requirements.

SB98 (Finlinson) - Directs the Division of Water Resources to develop the Bear River, authorize projects and appropriate $10 million in fiscal year 1990-91 from the General Fund for future water development.

SB99 (Finlinson) - Allows charitable organizations be assigned as beneficiaries on life insurance policies.

SB100 (Black) - Requires lists of gubernatorial nominees to be submitted to all Senate members.

SB101 (Storey) - Allows reviews of an original mental health commitment hearing and allows courts to appoint mental health commissions.

SB102 (Finlinson) - Establishes application procedures and criteria for the sale or lease of Utah water for use in another state.

SB103 (Beattie) - Revises planning and zoning section of the Utah Code.

SB104 (Rees) - Expands the time period for reporting campaign contributions and expenditures and increases number of dates for filing financial statements.

SB105 (Hillyard) - Amends tax credit of interest income from state and federal securities.

SB106 (Finlinson) - Clarifies the rates of taxation for gross receipts tax.

SB108 (Myrin) - Clarifies powers, duties and function of the Utah Sports Authority.

SB109 (Mantes) - Defines body shops and includes provisions for licensing and bonding of body shops.

SB110 (Rees) - Revises the licensing provisions for physical therapists.

SB112 (Hillyard) - Creates a nonlapsing higher education endowment matching fund and requires the Board of Regents to establish guidelines for institutions to apply for matching monies.

SB116 (Leavitt) - Requires the preparation of a report to the governor on any plan to upgrade the state's telecommunications networks.

SB120 (Beattie) - Designates the interest earned on the fund for the payment of claims.

SB122 (Craig Peterson) - Adds protections to employees using lawful products.

SB125 (Hillyard) - Changes membership of judicial nominating commissions.

SB126 (McAllister) - Provides for tolling of action limitation period on enforcement orders under specific circumstances.

SB129 (Storey) - Repeals the domestic violence no-contact requirement and provides for mandatory arrest under certain conditions.

SB131 (Hillyard) - Allows more leeway in sentencing child sex offenders.

SB137 (Leavitt) - Allows the establishment of special fire districts for fire prevention.

SB138 (Mantes) - Requires car dealers to notify buyers of financing obligations.

SB139 (Holmgren) - Gives immunity from civil liability to providers of 911 service.

SB141 (McMullin) - Provides $4 million to reduce first-grade class size.

SB143 (Holmgren) - Creates a task force to study ways to finance health care for people who are medically uninsured.

SB145 (Leavitt) - Amends the veterans' property tax exemption.

SB146 (Richards) - Allows crime victims to be present during the trial of their perpetrator.

SB147 (Ockey) - Requires investment advisers to obtain licenses instead of registering with the state and requires investment advisers to notify the state when they terminate employment.

SB150 (Leavitt) - Designates Route 18 and a portion of Route 56 as Legacy Loop Highway.

SB151 (Hillyard) - Reclassifies selected offenses from class A misdemeanors to class B misdemeanors, and from class A misdemeanors to class B misdemeanors.

SB153 (Christensen) - Makes technical amendments to the state's liquor laws.

SB154 (Chuck Peterson) - Clarifies certain powers of the Department of Financial Institutions.

SB155 (Money) - Provides for a six-month judicial review of a child's placement in foster care to determine whether it should be continued or parental rights terminated.

SB157 (Mantes) - Makes the offense of "equity skimming" of a vehicle a third degree felony.

SB158 (McMullin) - Requires government employers to re-hire people called to active military duty.

SB160 (Craig Peterson) - Redefines salvage vehicles and provides for unbranded certificates of title for damaged vehicles under certain circumstances.

SB162 (Holmgren) - Removes the dollar limit on assessments that courts are authorized to order.

SB163 (Nielsen) - Revises governance and accountability requirements of the Special Districts Act.

SB165 (Baird) - Amends responsibilities of the Judicial Council to set by rule qualifications and bonding limits of commercial bond sureties.

SB166 (Beattie) - Amends certain annual reporting provisions of the state Department of Insurance and clarifies certain administrative and regulatory powers of the department.

SB167 (Myrin) - Amends the terms and conditions of the appropriation of $1.6 million from the general fund to the Department of Transportation to purchase the Heber Creeper.

SB173 (McMullin) - Creates a task force to review departments' budgets, defines membership and appropriates $10,000 to fund the study.

SB174 (Beattie) - Establishes standards for long-term care insurance.

SB176 (Shepherd) - Provides information on judicial retention elections in the voter information pamphlet.

SB178 (Richards) - Provides for continuance of ex parte protective orders under certain circumstances and increases the courts' options regarding the content of protective orders.

SB180 (Chuck Peterson) - Provides for the awarding of attorney fees for claims on motor vehicle, motorcycle and small trailer dealers' and crushers' bonds.

SB182 (Beattie) - Clarifies certain provisions of the licensing act and corrects certain provisions relating to licensee contributions.

SB183 (Holmgren) - Requires the court to follow certain procedures regarding mentally retarded offenders.

SB190 (Barlow) - Amends certain provisions of the Real Estate Appraiser Registration and Certification Act to conform with related federal law.

SB192 (Holmgren) - Makes technical amendments to the power and duties of the Psychiatric Security Review Board.

SB196 (Barlow) - Provides for state and local funding of the minimum school program; establishes the value of the weighted pupil unit; requires school districts to impose minimum basic tax rate; provides for funding of school reform programs; establishes distribution formulas; and provides an appropriation for the school building supported program.

SB199 (Holmgren) - Directs Department of Human Services to conduct evaluation to determine mental illness in criminal proceedings.

SB201 (Myrin) - Provides benefits to military servicemen and their families.

SB204 (McMullin) - Prohibits the filing of liens unless the person filing has reasonable evidence of accuracy.

SB206 (McAllister) - Appropriates money to fund state government.

SB207 (Cary Peterson) - Provides amendments to State Governmental Immunity Act.

SB210 (McAllister) - Appropriates money for support of state government.

SB218 (Ockey) - Clarifies scope and coverage of governmental immunity.

SB221 (Fordham) - Authorizes counties to establish bonus and incentive award programs.

SB222 (Baird) - Amends collection procedures for juvenile court restitution.

SB224 (Ockey) - Amends certain provision of Utah Securities Code to override federal preemption as allowed in the Secondary Mortgage Market Enhancement Act.

SB228 (Finlinson) - Increases fees charged by sheriffs for specified services.

SB229 (Leavitt) - Provides for technical changes in statutes dealing with teacher certification; professional practices, termination procedures; career ladders; and students in the public schools.

SB232 (Holmgren) - Amends certain amounts regarding costs covered in the underground storage tank fund.

SB234 (Beattie) - Re-authorizes Legislative Strategic Planning Committee in statute.

House bills passed

HB2 (Valentine) - Clarifies the filing procedure for foreign judgments.

HB3 (Davis) - Amends the time and procedure for collecting property taxes.

HB6 (Bradford) - Changes the date that school districts issue their annual performance audits.

HB9 (Bradshaw) - Provides for the continuity of government in the event of emergencies.

HB10 (Wright) - Amends the fees for amateur radio operator license plates.

HB12 (Milner) - Authorizes the executive director of the Department of Human Services to designate security personnel for the State Hospital.

HB13 (Bishop) - Outlines the voting privileges given to 18-year-old residents.

HB15 (Bradford) - Provides a staff to the School Trust Fund.

HB16 (Rose) - Provides a special license plate for purple heart recipients.

HB17 (Bradshaw) - Provides terms, conditions of removal and meeting times for members of the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council.

HB19 (Rose) - Provides for the impoundment of vehicles violating handicapped parking spaces.

HB25 (Julander) - Allows a consulting physician to supervise greater or fewer nurse practitioners.

HB26 (Yardley) - Changes certain provisions of the Employment Security Act to comply with federal law.

HB27 (Valentine) - Establishes uniform time for party caucuses and modifies reporting requirements for party officer and delegate elections.

HB30 (Frandsen) - Changes and clarifies the terms and membership of the Retirement Membership Council.

HB32 (Milner) - Extends the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against a child to five years after the date of discovery.

HB37 (Bodily) - Prohibits influencing of a juror.

HB38 (Price) - Requires all counties to prepare budget for municipal-type services provided by the county.

HB40 (Allen) - Creates a new division of energy and specifies duties of the division.

HB43 (Valentine) - Provides sales tax exemption from the sale of parts and equipment installed in aircraft operating as common carriers.

HB45 (Hunsaker) - Repeals certain sections of the Utah Code related to risk management participation by local health departments.

HB46 (Bodily) - Amends residency requirement for justice of the peace court justices.

HB48 (Lewis) - Fixes compensation and salary ranges for certain state officers and clarifies the governor's duty in setting certain salaries.

HB49 (Lewis) - Defines state officer for purposes of the executive and judicial compensation commission.

HB50 (Norman Nielsen) - Increases membership on the Utah Substance Abuse Coordinating Council and subcommittees.

HB53 (Haymond) - Provides that certain information be included in a certificate of discharge for federal tax liens.

HB55 (Valentine) - Amends provisions related to the publication of the effective date of rules.

HB56 (Mont Evans) - Directs the Division of Family Services to establish a statewide network of volunteers to assist victims of domestic violence.

HB57 (James) - Clarifies appropriate speed limits on certain highways adjacent to a school building or school ground.

HB58 (Halverson) - Establishes a central fuel dispensing system.

HB59 (Waddoups) - Provides that sexual offense convictions may not be expunged.

HB60 (Mel Brown) - Amends hunting and fishing trespass posting requirements.

HB61 (Atkinson) - Allows a court to order community service from individuals who violate child visitation orders or fail to pay child support.

HB62 (Frandsen) - Creates a task force to study the needs of children of divorce relating to child custody and visitation.

HB63 (Oscarson) - Amends definitions and responsibilities of the state data processing coordinator.

HB64 (Goodfellow) - Amend definitions and responsibilities of the Department of Transportation offices.

HB67 (Bodily) - Increases certain title certificate and duplicate registration fees.

HB70 (LeBaron) - Changes expiration dates relating to the Sunset Act.

HB71 (Dmitrich) - Requires manufacturers or importers of alcoholic beverages who have representatives in Utah to live in Utah and obtain licenses.

HB72 (Milner) - Repeals the July 1991 sunset date attached to the law that prohibits parenthood agreements.

HB74 (Burningham) - Provides that information obtained or produced by the Utah Technology Finance Corporation be confidential.

HB75 (Lewis) - Provides for the voluntary certification of dispute resolution providers and creates a board to establish qualifications for certification.

HB76 (Bradford) - Authorizes municipalities to form improvement districts for economic promotion activities.

HB78 (Burningham) - Provides that teaching scholarships may be used in any institution of higher education that offers state-approved teacher education programs.

HB79 (Valentine) - Reduces the criminal penalties for purchase, possession, consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.

HB80 (Julander) - Amends procedures for issuing protective orders for children.

HB85 (Valentine) - Allows municipalities to include filing fees as overhead costs for improvement assessments.

HB89 (Milner) - Requires an affirmative action plan for state government.

HB91 (Stephens) - Requires that before public education textbooks can be destroyed they must be offered to other public schools.

HB92 (Oscarson) - Revises statutes concerning prostitution.

HB94 (Glen Brown) - Requires registration and disclosure of lobbyists and their contributions to state officers.

HB95 (Dmitrich) - Designates coal as the official state rock.

HB97 (Burningham) - Clarifies how interest may be spent from the Utah Arts Endowment Fund.

HB99 (Adams) - Makes technical changes in the Revisor's Act.

HB100 (Glen Brown) - Appropriates $250,000 for a state centennial history project.

HB101 (Harward) - Makes technical amendments to the Declaratory Judgment Act.

HB104 (Davis) - Amends the eligibility requirements for a person to participate in tax abatement and deferral programs.

HB106 (Ostler) - Provides for contracts for court bailiff services and court security needs.

HB107 (Ostler) - Makes it a class C misdemeanor to operate an uncertified boiler or pressure vessel.

HB108 (Ostler) - Grants rule-making authority to the Industrial Commission.

HB109 (Slack) - Amends the circumstances under which the county clerk may remove names from voter registration rolls.

HB111 (Price) - Authorizes local health departments and local mental health officials to subscribe to the state motor pool.

HB112 (Stephens) - Allows the State Board of Regents to issue, sell and deliver revenue bonds to finance construction projects at six institutions of higher education.

HB115 (Hendrickson) - Reduces from 18 to 16 years the age for parental consent to be married.

HB119 (Tanner) - Sets the minimum fine for littering at $299.

HB122 (Mont Evans) - Establishes an incentive account for the development and conservation of alternative fuels.

HB124 (Stephens) - Provides Workers Compensation coverage for Winter Olympic volunteers.

HB125 (Jones) - Clarifies the division of debts and obligations of parties in divorce cases.

HB128 (Adams) - Delays the application of a Board of Education levy that requires an election and requires school districts to pay the costs of special elections.

HB130 (LeBaron) - Exempts new construction at institutions of higher education from the percent-for-art program.

HB131 (Bradford) - Creates a task force on strategic planning for public and higher education and defines their powers and duties.

HB137 (Lyon) - Regulates and establishes penalties for conducting business under an assumed name.

HB139 (LeBaron) - Clarifies penalty provisions of the Telephone Fraud Prevention Act.

HB141 (Valentine) - Amends the Private Probation Provider Licensing Act.

HB142 (Allen) - Directs the establishment of an incentive program for government use of alternative fuels.

HB143 (Frandsen) - Provides for a continuation of the Board of Education's authority to permit interfund transfers in financially distressed school districts.

HB144 (Bradshaw) - Establishes a Utah History Endowment Fund to enable individual history organizations to create their own endowment funds.

HB145 (Yardley) - Directs the use of youth transport services.

HB146 (Protzman) - Prohibits the disposal of lead acid batteries in municipal waste facilities and requires sellers to accept used batteries for recycling.

HB147 (Allen) - Creates a Taxpayers Bill of Rights and clarifies certain tax collection and administrative procedures.

HB150 (Harward) - Makes revisions to filing requirements and forms for initiative and referenda petitions and circulation sheets.

HB154 (Bishop) - Limits membership in the contributory and non-contributory retirement systems.

HB158 (Wiberg) - Repeals those sections of Utah law dealing with veterans of the Spanish War and Civil War.

HB159 (Borgeson) - Repeals the Task Force on Indian Affairs.

HB161 (Protzman) - Defines bail requirements.

HB162 (Bishop) - Requires all or no employees of participating employers to be covered by the state disability program.

HB164 (Jensen) - Prohibits a person from riding or climbing on a railroad train without permission, and specifies conditions under which a person injured in such activities may recover damages.

HB165 (Joseph Moody) - Requires compliance with siting requirements for certain kilns accepting hazardous waste.

HB168 (Jensen) - Revises provisions for the licensing of optometrists, provides standards and procedures for licensing, and defines their scope of practice.

HB174 (Valentine) - The Department of Public Safety, recodifying the state fire prevention law and making technical changes.

HB175 (Ostler) - Makes technical corrections in the administrative procedures relating to employment discrimination.

HB176 (Frandsen) - Expands drug-free zones to include areas where minors tend to congregate.

HB182 (Voigt) - Eliminates unnecessary provisions in the state revenue and taxation code.

HB183 (Lyon) - Amends the penalty for failure to file an annual report or maintain a registered agent for limited partnerships.

HB185 (Fox) - Adds a driver's license appointment rescheduling fee, clarifies drivers license expiration dates, raises driver's license fees by $5 and amends drivers license hearing conditions.

HB186 (Jensen) - Provides a procedural process for subordinate municipal officers, members or agents suspended by the chief of a department.

HB187 (Protzman) - Allows county clerks extra time to process mail-in voter registration applications.

HB189 (Pignanelli) - Provides that criminal negligence is sufficient to constitute the crime of cruelty to animals.

HB195 (Jensen) - Clarifies provisions on interest in personal injury actions.

HB196 (Stephens) - Provides for criminal background investigations of employees of youth programs and clarifies the law in terms of background checks on child care-employees.

HB201 (Nelson) - Allows authorities to contract for mental health services at the Utah State Prison.

HB203 (LeBaron) - Changes the personalized license plate fee.

HB204 (Ostler) - Regulates the storage and disposal of property of prison inmates.

HB205 (Bradshaw) - Amends provisions dealing with proceeds received by criminals relating to lawsuits.

HB213 (Valentine) - Amends antitrust provisions of the Utah Criminal Code.

HB215 (Ellertson) - Amends provisions concerning the scope and enforcement of hazardous substances mitigation.

HB216 (Joseph Moody) - Amends provisions regarding appointment to county planetariums.

HB217 (Valentine) - Clarifies the authority of the attorney general, provides procedure to modify civil investigative demands and provides requirements for sharing confidential information with other government agencies.

HB218 (Bradshaw) - Revises Utah's election laws to conform with federal legislation governing military and overseas citizens.

HB221 (Valentine) - Provides a method for the organization, regulation and existence of limited liability companies.

HB222 (Harward) - Creates a mechanism for implementing more efficient transfer of funds between the United States treasury and the Utah state treasury.

HB225 (Nelson) - Regulates funds earned by prison inmates while in custody.

HB226 (Harward) - Clarifies the responsibilities of the Division of Information Technology Services.

HB227 (Frandsen) - Raises the tax on cigarettes by about 3.5 cents per pack.

HB228 (Burningham) - Requires merchants to obtain permits from health departments in order to sell cigarettes.

HB230 (Julander) - Directs the Department of Health to implement an advisory committee on breast cancer screening.

HB231 (Anderson) - Clarifies requirements for low beam headlights on vehicles.

HB232 (Dmitrich) - Grants the Industrial Commission rulemaking authority relating to coal mines.

HB235 (Harward) - Eliminates rulemaking requirements regarding certain types of fees.

HB236 (Garn) - Authorizes the Council on Peace Officer Standards and Training to designate certain federal officers.

HB246 (Stephens) - Grants right of access to public records and designates which records are confidential.

HB247 (Tanner) - Amends provisions concerning controlled burns to allow certain firefighter training.

HB248 (Bain) - Alters licensing procedures and standards for controlled substances.

HB251 (Short) - Amends the jurisdiction of the juvenile courts in certain circumstances.

HB256 (Lyon) - Eliminates spousal exception for rape.

HB257 (Olsen) - Creates a trust account for abortion defense litigation.

HB261 (Protzman) - Creates an advisory peer committee and revises educational requirements for occupational and professional licensing.

HB265 (Lewis) - Appropriates $10,000 for the Leaf-It-To-Us Children's Crusade for Trees.

HB273 (Pignanelli) - Includes the state and certain cities and towns in the definition of employer to apply Utah's labor law to public employees.

HB274 (Frandsen) - Adds authority to juvenile court judges to enter a permanent order of custody and guardianship.

HB276 (Harward) - Makes amendments to resolve conflicts between administrative rules and state law concerning the state fire marshal.

HB277 (Harward) - Makes changes to administrative rules.

HB278 (Harward) - Resolves conflicts between administrative rules and the Safety Responsibility Act.

HB279 (Harward) - Amends the grievance and appeal procedures relating to the Career Service Review Board.

HB280 (Harward) - Imposes a surcharge to provide hearing and speech impaired persons with telecommunication devices.

HB282 (Harward) - Reauthorizes the rules of state agencies and specifies which rules are not to be reauthorized.

HB284 (Pignanelli) - Provides that a student in public schools cannot be denied the right to participate in extracurricular activities because of age.

HB286 (Bishop) - Makes technical changes to various retirement systems.

HB288 (Melvin Brown) - Prohibits the sale of motor fuels below cost and requires refiners to disclose rack price.

HB291 (Dmitrich) - Creates a fund for abandoned mine reclamation.

HB293 (Harward) - State Personnel Management revising various personnel management sections for the purpose of clarity, and making technical corrections.

HB295 (Nielsen) - Revenue and Taxation, providing additional types of business activities that may qualify for enterprise zone incentives and providing effective date.

HB305 (James) - Provides for the use and confidentiality of diagnostic evaluations at the Department of Corrections.

HB308 (Alexander) - Amends the deadline for payment of taxes.

HB313 (Melvin Brown) - Changes the name of the Utah State Training School and requires the Division of Services to the Handicapped to adopt a plan for reducing the number of patients at the hospital.

HB319 (Fox) - Provides procedures for parental notification of commitment and admission of minors to secure mental health facilities.

HB320 (Bishop) - Adjusts the retirement contribution rates.

HB322 (Bradshaw) - Amends the ride-sharing provisions of public utilities.

HB326 (Protzman) - Clarifies who is authorized to take consents and relinquishments in adoption cases.

HB327 (Bradshaw) - Amends certain provisions relating to the financial responsibility of health spas.

HB334 (Pignanelli) - Creates a task force to study issues relating to incentives for and implementation of recycling plans.

HB335 (Adams) - Amends the severance tax rate for natural gas liquids.

HB341 (Pignanelli) - Prohibits the unauthorized possession of a badge, identification card, restraint device or the uniform of any state or local governmental entity.

HB344 (Bradford) - Appropriates $15 million for ongoing support of technology programs in schools and colleges.

HB345 (Norm Nielsen) - Provides for regulation of the pre-need funeral arrangement industry.

HB349 (Glen Brown) - Provides for board review of State Land Division's actions.

HB364 (Joseph Moody) - Authorizes the creation of special service districts for health care services.

HB366 (Ostler) - Eliminates dedicated credits in the Department of Commerce, and provides that certain funds be deposited into the Commerce Service Fund.

HB375 (Harward) - Amends certain provisions of the Life and Disability Guaranty Association.

HB376 (Bishop) - Amends provisions relating to the revocation of hunting and fishing licenses, permits, tags and certificates.

HB377 (Anderson) - Requires those marketing mobile homes to meet certain qualifications.

HB394 (Adams) - Creates a Division of Indian Affairs.

HB397 (Glen Brown) - Amends the state's property tax laws.

HB401 (Glen Brown) - Funds state government.

HB407 (Dmitrich) - Requires health insurance companies to refund premiums on canceled health policies.

HB426 (Ostler) - Requires the registration of employee leasing companies.

HB436 (Valentine) - Phases out all circuit courts.

HB437 (Bishop) - Appropriates $15 million to renovate the Salt Palace.

HB438 (Bishop) - Allows counties to impose additional tourism, recreation and convention taxes.

HB441 (Bishop) - Requires the Retirement Office to disclose pertinent information to persons retiring under the state's retirement systems.

HB444 (Ellertson) - Increases the number of people serving on the Youth Parole Authority.

HB446 (Wharton) - Creates a restricted trust account for money from private sources to be used for food purchases for women, children and infants.

HB447 (Pignanelli) - Clarifies provisions relating to adjustments of the districts, in relationship to local governments.

HB450 (Wright) - Allows federal, state and local governments to file for a refund of motor fuel taxes paid.

HB451 (Fox) - Provides a mechanism for industrial assistance.

Resolutions passed

HCR1 (Dmitrich) - Commends the state arboretum for 30 years of service.

HCR2 (LeBaron) - Creates a governor's committee to commission a statue of Brigham Young, which will stand in the State Capitol.

HCR3 (James) - Recognizes the importance of uniform school crossing zones to increase school zone safety.

HCR4 (Burningham) - Urges the federal government to reevaluate how its distributes federal education funds.

HCR5 (Haze Hunter) - Designates June 22-29 as Utah Summer Games week and commends the Summer Games Foundation and Cedar City for sponsoring the games.

HCR6 (Burningham) - Adopts a vision statement for Utah.

HCR7 (Allen) - Commemorates Pearl Harbor day as Dec. 7.

HCR8 (Short) - Recognizes the men and women from Utah serving in Operation Desert Shield.

HCR9 (Johnson) - Urges President Bush to designate the Ghost Squadron of the Confederate Air Force as the United States ambassador for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of World War II.

HCR10 (Bradford) - Honors the late James R. Moss for his dedicated service in strengthening education in Utah.

HCR11 (Ostler) - Recognizes Utah businesses for their contributions to Utah's economy and quality of life.

HCR12 (Atkinson) - Recognizes Dwight D. Eisenhower Junior High for its student court system and positive impact on school discipline.

HCR13 (Adams) - Recommends the designation of no more than 1.4 million acres of wilderness.

HCR14 (Bain) - Honors the late Rep. Stan Smedley for his service to community, church and state.

HCR15 (Beverly Evans) - Encourages increased parental involvement in the education process.

HCR16 (Tanner) - Expresses support for U.S. troops in Operation Desert Storm.

HCR17 (Pignanelli) - Honors the centennial of the formation of the Catholic Diocese of Utah.

HCR18 (Haymond) - Designates April 1991 as Utah International Friendship Month.

HCR19 (Burningham) - Recognizes Jan. 28, 1991, as Utah Opera Appreciation Day.

HCR20 (Pignanelli) - Commends the Junior League of Salt Lake City for its service to the community.

HCR21 (Jorgensen) - Honors the 81st anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.

HCR22 (Pignanelli) - Memorializes former Gov. Scott M. Matheson.

HCR23 (Lyon) - Honors Amy Owen, the state librarian.

HCR24 (Oscarson) - Endorses the creation and goals of the Utah Geographical Information Council.

HCR25 (Slack, Yardley) - Honors St. George for national recognition it has received as the most ideal retirement community.

HCR26 (Irby Arrington) - Recognizes the importance of federal Medicaid mandates and urges the federal government to give states greater flexibility in administering those funds.

HCR27 (Tuttle) - Urges Utah judges to include alcohol treatment as a condition of probation and a mandatory part of sentencing in alcohol-related cases.

HCR28 (Burningham) - Urges the federal government to appropriate funds for a NASA Life Support Research Center in Utah.

HCR29 (Davis) - Designates April 17 as "We need a neat environment" day.

HCR30 (Allen) - Expresses support for the "Take Pride in Utah" campaign to promote outdoor ethics among Utahns.

HCR31 (Lewis) - Designates April 26 as Arbor Day and endorses elementary school participation in a poster contest.

HCR32 (Haymond) - Honors former Rep. Don Strong, R-Springville, for his many years of dedicated service.

HCR33 (Jorgensen) - Commends Israel for its restraint in the face of unprovoked attacks by Iraq.

HCR34 (Lyon) - Memorializes Dion James Stephenson, the first Utah serviceman killed in combat in the Persian Gulf.

HCR35 (Burningham) - Honors the Utah Heritage Foundation for its contributions to the preservation of Utah's architectural and cultural heritage.

HCR36 (Lyon) - Honors Leigh Von Der Esch for being named president of the Association of Film Commissioners International.

HCR38 (Goodfellow) - Resolution honoring Orville Carnahan.

HCR39 (LeBaron) - Urges the Board of Regents to aggressively pursue its plans for a university center at Utah Valley Community College.

HJR1 (Slack) - Urges the U.S. Congress to establish a bi-millennial commission to plan and coordinate celebrations for the year 2000.

HJR2 (Fuller) - Asks Congress to allow taxpayers to deduct health insurance payments from the federal taxes

HJR3 (Mont Evans) - Commends Samuel W. Smith for his many years of service to the Utah State Prison System.

HJR4 (Mont Evans) - Commends John W. Turner for his many years of service to the Utah State Prison System.

HJR5 (Milner) - Recognizes the 10th anniversary of the Sundance Institute and honors those who have made it the premier independent film organization in the United States.

HJR6 (Adams) - Interim rule changes for the Legislature.

HJR11 (Ellertson) - Grants the petition of Sevier County to join the state district court administrative system.

HJR13 (Bishop) - Recognizes Utah Nurses Day on Jan. 23.

HJR14 (Ostler) - Recognizes several outstanding people for their exceptional work performed in remodeling of the Capitol.

HJR15 (Jones) - Honors Hogle Zoo on its 60th anniversary.

HJR17 (Tuttle, Yardley) - Endorses legislation requiring plaintiffs and appellants to be financially responsible for social damages.

HJR18 (Burningham) - Commends the Utah Humanities Council and expresses support for the Utah Humanities Resource Center.

HJR19 (Yardley, Slack) - Designates Oct. 14-25 as Huntsman Chemical's World Senior Games.

HJR22 (Burningham) - Urges Congress to prohibit states from taxing nonresident pension incomes.

HJR24 (Mont Evans) - Recognizes D.J. Gaylord and Marie Johnson for their service to the community.

HJR25 (Mont Evans) - Honors the late Bette Done for her eight years of service at the Utah State Hospital and her cheerful approach to life.

HJR26 (Irby Arrington) - Recognizes the important of federal Medicaid mandates and urges the federal government to give states greater flexibility in administering those funds.

HJR27 (Melvin Brown) - Urges state agencies and private organizations that provide services to disabled persons to adopt certain values.

HJR28 (Bradford) - Designates February as PTA Month.

HJR33 (Bishop) - Commends the Utah Association for Gifted Children for their support of students in Utah.

HJR35 (Bishop) - Assigns various issues to interim study committees.

SCR1 (Barlow) - Honors Chase N. Peterson fob his eight years as president of the University of Utah.

SCR2 (Hillyard) - Declares 1991 as the bicentennial year of the Bill of Rights.

SCR3 (Hillyard) - Proclaims the Bill of Responsibilities of the Freedoms at Valley Forge, and exhorts Utahns to embrace these responsibilities.

SCR4 (Hillyard) - Recognizes Utah's Mothers Inc. for its outstanding work to strength the family.

SCR5 (McMullin) - Recognizes the Utah Emergency Medical Organization for using cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save lives.

SCR6 (Holmgren) - Honors Ila Marie Goodey as state and national Golden Rule Award winner.

SCR7 (Howell) - Commends Ballet West for the professional recognition it received from the John F. Kennedy Center.

SCR8 (Myrin) - Commends the Utah Highway Patrol and the Division of Investigations for their efforts in drug enforcement.

SCR9 (Myrin) - Honors corporations and businesses in Utah that are providing financial and moral support to employees serving in Desert Storm and their families.

SCR12 (Cary Peterson) - Encourages the continued use of livestock grazing on federal lands.

SCR13 (Leavitt) - Supports plans for construction of the Hurst Baseball Complex on the Dixie College Campus.

SJR1 (Chuck Peterson) - Clarifies committee quorum requirements.

SJR3 (Nielsen) - Requests Congress release Highway Trust Fund money to states for use on highways.

SJR4 (Money) - Approves the reappointments of Richard V. Strong as director of the Office of Legislative Research and M. Gay Taylor as legislative general counsel.

SJR5 (McMullin) - Expresses appreciation for all the special districts in Utah.

SJR9 (Hillyard) - Endorses and supports efforts to attract conferences to Utah, including the 1995 annual conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

SJR11 (Nielson) - Fixes compensation for legislative in-session employees and provide retrospective operation.

SJR13 (Mantes) - Requests that Congress allow the Enola Gay to be displayed temporarily in Wendover, Utah until its permanent home is constructed.

SJR14 (Leavitt) - Honors Cedar High School on its 50th anniversary.

SJR15 (Cary Peterson) - Commends the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the Utah Uniform Law commissioners for 100 years of service.

SJR16 (Mantes) - Honors Samuel Wayne Clark Sr. for his life of dedication to country, state, church and family.

SJR18 (Leavitt) - Declares Aug. 3, 1991, a day of praise for Ellen Pucell Unthank as a noble representative of the rank and file of the pioneers.

SR2 (Christensen) - Encourages Utahns to practice conservation by planting trees.

SR3 (Hillyard) - Provides new procedure for Senate confirmation of justices or judges.