Lyn Nofziger, President Reagan's former political director, was sentenced to 90 days in prison Friday and fined $30,000 for illegally lobbying administration officials after he left the White House.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Flannery said Nofziger could remain free pending an appeal of his three felony convictions of contacting former colleagues on behalf of private clients within a year of leaving President Reagan's staff.Nofziger could have been sentenced to two years on each of the three counts. $30,000 was the maximum cumulative fine the judge could have assessed.

Flannery imposed a complicated sentence of two to eight months' incarceration for each of the counts but then suspended all but 30 days of each of the sentences so that Nofziger will have to serve only 90 days if his appeal is denied.

The judge rejected the defense plea that Nofziger be sentenced only to a short period of unsupervised probation.