Alleged Nazi war criminal Josef Schwammberger, who hid in Argentina for 40 years, has been charged in connection with the deaths of more than 3,400 Jews, a state prosecutor's office said Friday.

The trial could be the last major Nazi war crimes hearing of its type, prosecutors say. Like many former Nazis tried in recent years, Schwammberger, 79, is in frail health and has complained of heart problems.The Baden-Wuerttemberg state prosecutor's office in Stuttgart issued a statement saying charges against Schwammberger had been filed and that his trial could begin "possibly in June." It did not specify when the charges were filed.

Schwammberger is being held in Stuttgart's high-security prison, Stammheim, where the trial is also expected to take place.

During World War II, Schwammberger was a Nazi SS lieutenant who commanded forced labor camps in Poland, including concentration camps at Przemysl and Mielec where thousands of inmates, mostly Jews, were interned and died.