Although one member argued that a new sports park in Orem may not be the most important issue the city faces, the majority of City Council members decided they want to pursue it.

The council voted to schedule a bond election concerning the new Lake Park sports facility in conjunction with the primary elections in October.Councilman Keith Hunt suggested to the council that there may be other things to consider, like funding for a new fire station, so postponing a decision might be the answer.

"This is something we should look at as we look at all of our other financial needs at budget time," Hunt said.

But Councilman James Evans said he has had a lot of positive feedback on the proposed facility.

"If we are ever going to do it let's do it now," and let residents say whether they want it or not, he said.

The city lacks space for all the teams that want to play, said Councilman Norman K. Woodhouse. "There are not enough parks in Orem to field the teams. You can't give every youth that wants to play a chance to play."

The proposed Lake Park Sports Facility would have five new baseball diamonds, a basketball court, tennis courts, six soccer fields, playground areas and a jogging track.