A woman who identified herself as a Kuwaiti volunteer nurse says that she killed up to 22 wounded Iraqi soldiers with lethal injections.

"I give them injection. Kill them," the nurse, her face shrouded in a black scarf, said in an interview with Britain's Independent Television News. The interview was broadcast Thursday on Cable News Network.The woman, whom CNN said identified herself only as 24-year-old "S.N.," said she was working in a Kuwait hospital tending to people wounded in clashes between Iraqi soldiers and Kuwaiti resistence fighters.

The nurse said she saw the injections as a chance to do her part against the enemy.

"Did you kill them?" she was asked.

"Yes. Maybe 18 or 22," she said, in heavily accented English.

The nurse said she sometimes gave the shots when a doctor was working on a patient, apparently without attracting attention.

"He's screaming," she said of the patient. "He doesn't know if it's from injection or from anything (else)."