A mob of about 30 Arabs hacked a Palestinian man to death with axes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank in what the army described as a family feud, Israel Radio and Palestinian sources reported Thursday.

Saying the man had possessed a registered weapon, Palestinian sources hinted that he may have been killed because residents suspected he worked for the Israeli authorities.Palestinians are generally not allowed to keep weapons, but some Arabs who work for Israel are issued guns for their own protection.

The man, Saidi Hazasza, 34, had been knifed in the Nablus marketplace a month ago and was released from the hospital only three days before he was killed by the mob Wednesday night.

Israel Radio said the attackers dragged the man from his house at Yatta near Hebron, 20 miles south of Jerusalem, beat him to death with axes and took his weapon.

The army spokesman's office told Israel Radio the incident was a revenge killing as part of a family feud. The spokesman declined to give details of the incident and would not comment on whether Al Hamroush had worked for Israeli authorities.

Several people accused by Palestinians of being Israeli collaborators have been brutally slain since the start of the 8-month-old uprising in the occupied territories, including a man who was seized by a mob at the Kabatia camp and hanged.

Soldiers and Palestinian demonstrators clashed in at least two towns in the Israeli-occupied West Bank Thursday during the second day of a two-day general strike called by the underground leadership coordinating the uprising, Palestinian sources said.