In a legislative session marked by lobbyist reform bills, a Utah senator on Wednesday filed the state's first formal complaint against two lobbyists.

The lieutenant governor's office confirmed that it has allegations against Reed Searle and Douglas Sontagg referred to the attorney general office for possible prosecution.The incident occurred after Orem Republican LeRay McAllister angrily took the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon and accused Sontagg of lobbying for the Utah Medical Association without being registered. A few minutes later, McAllister again rose to accuse Searle of the same.

At 5:22 p.m., about 45 minutes after McAllister made his comments, Sontagg registered as a lobbyist for the Utah Medical Association, said Marilyn Hollingworth of the lieutenant governor's office.

Searle, Gov. Norm Bangerter's former administrative assistant, said he was opposing the bill, the Homeopathic Medical Practice Act, "as a private citizen" and didn't need to register.