McDonnell Douglas Corp. will receive more than $9 million to expand its Utah commercial airline manufacturing operation, and the state will fund a "capital access" bill intended to assist small businesses under the $10 million Industrial Assistance Fund in actions approved by an overwhelming vote of the House and Senate.

Republicans said they would not bring the bill to a vote unless it had bipartisan support. After sweetening the deal by promising to fund the Democrat-sponsored capital access bill, the bill passed both bodies with little debate.Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, said he was not convinced providing capital to McDonnell Douglas was a sound business decision for the state. "Do we invest in corporate companies that come in here or do we invest in our own people?"

Rep. David Ostler, R-Salt Lake, said the money was well spent because the state's economic development gurus have been working hard to attract companies like McDonnell Douglas to the Utah for a long time. "They do have a good track record here. They're probably the best company we have in Utah."