Reaction to the 1991 Legislature:Minority Leader Frank Pignanelli: "We had a session that was conducted behind a wall. We haven't had much public scrutiny because of the Persian Gulf crisis . . . I think it was a productive session because we dealt with some tough issues. The social services issues we'll have to deal with next year. They're not going to go away."House Majority Whip Byron Harward: "It's been a very difficult session. There's been a tremendous amount of difficult and emotional issues. When you talk about expelling a member and abortion, there are no more emotional issues than those."Senate Majority Whip Lane Beattie: "We passed, surprisingly, a lot of bills. It is one of the most emotional sessions I've had. Personally, it's been one of growth because of my involvement in leadership. It's certainly increased both my frustration level as well as my appreciation for the process."Rep. Nancy Lyon, R-Bountiful: "Well, I was on the ethics committee. It's been a pretty tough session. We had to deal with some pretty heavy-duty issues - emotional, heavy-duty issues such as abortion and AMAX . . . It's been really hard. I've learned a lot. It's been very challenging."Rep. Pat Larson, D-Ogden: "It's been very exhilarating and exciting and nerve-racking. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. It's been like running in the Boston Marathon without warming up. Next year, I'm going to start the Boston Martathon with everyone else." Larson replaced Dionne Halverson, who resigned during the session.Assistant Majority Whip Christine Fox: "It's been a very difficult session. We dealt with a lot of emotional things. I feel we've done our best to address human services and education. We've increased human services $60 million the last two years."Gov. Norm Bangerter: "It's been an intense time, and I think the Legislature handled it well. It's always kind of amazing to bring 104 people together and form a body and talk of the needs of the people. . . .On balance, people came together and got the job done." Rep. Joanne Milner, D-Salt Lake: "These have been some very in-depth, personal issues - abortion, ethics, (former Rep. Dionne) Halverson's ethics, campaign and lobbyist disclosures. You had to use your own personal morals and ethics."Minority Whip Kelly Atkinson: "It was hard. Do we fund pet projects at the expense of programs that desperately need funding? Maybe there wouldn't have been money next year and cuts would have to be made. But at least we would have funded flesh and blood this year as opposed to brick and mortar."