Former Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald and his son, Peter "Rocky" MacDonald Jr., returned to the tribal jail Wednesday to resume sentences imposed last year.

They were sentenced after being convicted Oct. 17 of bribery and fraud involving kickbacks from contractors during the first 13 months of MacDonald's fourth term as chairman, which began in January 1988.The Tribal Council suspended him on Feb. 17, 1989.

Both men had been given time off to find legal counsel to work on an appeal of their second conviction, which occurred Jan. 29 after a trial involving allegations of profiteering in the tribe's $33.4 million purchase of the Big Boquillas Ranch in north central Arizona.

Both MacDonalds reported quietly to jail officials during the morning. Neither could be reached by telephone to determine their success in securing counsel.

Tribal Judge Robert Yazzie of Window Rock District Court had ordered the MacDonalds to resume their jail stays Feb. 15 but later granted a 12-day extension.

After the first trial, Yazzie sentenced Peter MacDonald to five years and 335 days in jail. At the second sentencing, Yazzie ordered the former politician to complete his sentence before beginning a 450-day sentence for fraud and conspiracy in the Big Boquillas transaction. Rocky MacDonald was sentenced to 11/2 years after the first trial and 180 days after the second.