Here's a summary of the latest numbers on the Persian Gulf war.

Reported Wednesday:- 7 Americans killed in action.

- 2 French killed in action.

- 9 Britons killed in action.


Allied sorties:

- More than 110,000 missions flown.

Reported by the allies:

- 126 killed in action, including 79 Americans and 47 members of other allied forces (42 died before the start of the ground war, including 23 Americans and 19 Saudis).

- 52 Americans listed as non-combat deaths; 105 other Americans listed as non-combat deaths in Operation Desert Shield before the war.

- 56 missing in action, including 35 Americans, 10 British, one Italian and 10 Saudis.

- 13 prisoners of war, including nine Americans, two British, one Italian and one Kuwaiti.

- 45 allied planes lost: 36 in combat, including 27 U.S., six British, one Kuwaiti, one Italian, one Saudi. One U.S. helicopter lost in combat. Non-combat losses: nine planes, including seven U.S., one British, one Saudi. Fourteen U.S. helicopters to non-hostile causes.

- At least 80,000 Iraqis taken prisoner, including about 3,000 captured before ground offensive.

- 97 Iraqi planes destroyed plus six helicopters.