Beware refusing a favor for Sen. Orrin Hatch; he just may invade your dreams.

Renowned artist Jean-Claude Gaugy says that's what happened to him."Sen. Hatch (R-Utah) called and asked if I would do a painting for the National Foundation for Depressive Illnesses. I said, `No,' that I didn't have time," Gaugy told the Deseret News.

"But then that night, I had a dream - and the painting came to me." It was the expressionist carved-wood-and-paint mural "The Opening Door," which shows people progressing from the darkest depths of depression through a door and toward light and peace.

"I called the senator back and told him the painting came to me in a dream, and I asked him if I could still do it. He said sure, no problem. But then I warned him it would be big, maybe 30-feet long. He said no problem," Gaugy said.

It is so long that Gaugy had to make it in 13 separate panels that are connected.