The latest NCAA inquiry has caused UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian to ponder his future at the school.

He says he's considering leaving the Runnin' Rebels for a position with the pros next year. Then again, maybe he'll stay on.In one report, Tarkanian said he's looking into coaching an unnamed NBA team. On Wednesday, he slightly altered his stance to "I would be interested in looking at NBA offers."

While Tarkanian has often hinted about going to the NBA, the latest reports come on the heels of yet another NCAA inquiry into Tarkanian's basketball program.

The NCAA is expected to decide this week whether four UNLV players violated regulations by not paying hotel phone and room service charges during recruiting visits. The school was notified by letter of inquiry that the NCAA legislative services committee was looking into the matter. The players reportedly involved are Larry Johnson, George Ackles, Evric Gray and Bobby Joyce.

"This is one more form of harassment from the NCAA against our program," Tarkanian said. "These are nice kids. They don't deserve this. It's very unfortunate."

"I've been offered the NBA. Right now I'm looking into one team," he was quoted as saying by The New York Times.