Five youths and two groups from Utah County received the 1991 Youth Service awards from the United Way at a ceremony Tuesday evening.

Terah Fotheringham, American Fork, was honored for her volunteer work with abused and neglected children at the Family Support Center and Provo's battered women shelter.Bruce Brinkmeier, Provo, received the award for his service to the elderly in a nursing facility. Bruce works every afternoon after school, helping the elderly with everything from Bingo games to cooking classes.

The students of Independence High School also received the Youth Service Award. The students have been involved in on-going projects such as shoveling snow and doing house repairs for senior citizens, feeding the homeless and tying yellow ribbons in downtown Provo to support U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf.

Payson's Tara Thatcher was honored for her work in coordinating Haida, a horseback riding program for handicapped children. Tara has also visited senior citizens in a nursing home and started a 4-H club.

LeAnn Huber, Provo, has also been involved in a variety of volunteer projects, including caring for the children of a chronically ill mother, serving as a "hugger" for Special Olympics and helping handicapped children at Tiny Tots Care Center.

Jennifer Talley, a member of United Way's Youth Volunteer Council, was also praised for her work in involving fellow Provo High students in service. Jennifer has been active in distributing material on how to get involved in volunteer work to classmates, as well as participating in monthly group projects.

Finally, the student body of Orem Junior High School was honored for "GUM-HO," their gum-collecting project for the troops in Saudi Arabia. The students collected 76,000 pieces of gum.

Seven others received honorable mention: Sarah Wolf, Jacob Uhler, Rebecca Iverson, Kirt Seale, Jordan Gray, Julie Faldmo and Ashley McMaster.