The proposed community center at Utah Valley Community College got a cool reception from most members of the American Fork City Council Tuesday.

The council passed a resolution supporting a countywide vote on increasing property taxes to help fund the center - but only after adding a caveat stating the council was neither for nor against the project.Even with the caveat, one council member, Grant Parker, voted against the resolution.

The Utah County Commission was scheduled to vote Wednesday on whether to hold a bond election at the end of March on the proposal.

American Fork council members were unwilling to pass a resolution that might indicate they are in favor of building the community center. The center would be built in conjunction with a new physical education facility at the college.

Most council members said they doubt that American Fork would reap any benefits from the facility.

Among the proposal's faults: The use and design of the facility is not clearly enough defined, which could mean "we might be paying more than we want to pay for an events center," council member Fred England.

England also said a private entity (APB Investments, composed of the principals of WordPerfect Corp.) is considering building a hotel/convention center. That development could address the county's need for such a facility, he said.

Council member Gerald Larson said some residents believe their money would be better spent in their own community.