Sybil Ludington won't be beheaded after all - but she might be scalped.

Both suggestions might have appealed to the British troops who were bedeviled by the 16-year-old heroine of the Revolutionary War. But officials in Carmel, N.Y., who made the suggestions insist they mean Sybil no harm - they just want to help her overcome an embarrassing problem.It seems that Sybil - a statue of her, that is - has begun to foam at the mouth.

Last month, Putnam County officials were nearly ready to remove the head of the statue to clean out the mold causing the foam. But Tuesday night, a committee of the County Legislature heard an alternate remedy.

By slicing a small hole in the statue's head, legislator Lynn Greenwood said, workers might be able to remove the growth.

Greenwood said she preferred a "scalp job, which will be done at a more reasonable cost and (be) less dramatic to the people who see her every day."

The bronze statue on the shore of Lake Gleneida depicts the 16-year-old girl riding a horse in 1777, when she dashed through the countryside warning colonists that British forces were burning nearby Danbury, Conn.