Jessica Hahn said Wednesday she will work as disc jockey on a Phoenix radio station, the latest stop in the "crazy journey" of the former church secretary whose disclosures led to PTL founder Jim Bakker's downfall.

Hahn, 29, who currently can be seen posing nude in Playboy magazine, said she will become a member of the Y95 FM "Zoo Team," a comedy-oriented morning drive-time show featuring calls from listeners.The "overwhelmingly positive" response to her Aug. 18 guest stint as a disc jockey led station officials to consider her for a permanent spot on the 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. shift, said Jay Stevens, station operations manager.

Wearing a Y95 T-shirt and a leather mini-skirt and flanked by other Zoo Team members, Hahn told reporters she had had many offers from television and radio stations, "but something just clicked with this team."

Hahn and station officials declined to disclose her salary but did say she has signed a 30-day agreement to start Monday and has an option to renew.