Trappers captured an exotic 61/2-foot lizard that had been terrorizing a neighborhood by lunching on ducklings and sunbathing on docks around a lake.

"We'd been getting calls saying that there was a Loch Ness monster up there," said exotic-wildlife trapper Todd Hardwick. "They had noticed that all the baby ducklings had vanished from the lake, and it was climbing out on their docks and sunbathing and panicking everyone."So a resident on the manmade lake in this Hollywood suburb hired Hardwick, owner of Pesky Critters trapping company, whose previous exploits included wrestling a 22-foot-long python from beneath a house in Fort Lauderdale.

On Tuesday Hardwick set a trap filled with raw chicken necks.

"He loves meat and came right out," he said.

The creature was a water monitor lizard, an endangered reptile usually found in Southeast Asia.

"It's like the Komodo dragon," said herpetologist Joe Wasilewski, owner of Natural Selections in Miami. He will try to breed the lizard.