More than 20,000 Filipinos, many screaming "down with the U.S.-Aquino regime," marched Wednesday in one of the biggest demonstrations against President Corazon Aquino in her five years in office.

The protesters converged in front of Manila's central post office, then marched to a bridge a block from Aquino's palace for a 30-minute rally before proceeding to the scene of the 1986 People Power revolution in suburban Quezon City.After a two-hour rally in front of a military camp, the protesters dispersed peacefully, ending a six-hour protest.

Leftist groups, supporters of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and disgruntled Aquino followers organized the 8-mile protest march to mark the Feb. 22-25, 1986, revolution two days after the official celebrations.

"The spirit (of the revolution) is gone. Otherwise we will not be here. The promised transformation of the lives of the poor has not come about," said Reli German, Aquino's former Manila Airport manager.

"The representatives of the people are kneeling before the United States, the World Bank, pleading on the issue of military bases, foreign debt, high oil prices," said German.