Senators set up an abortion litigation trust account Monday in a bill passed previously by the House.

"A number of people want to donate to fighting the legal battle, and this sets up the proper fund," said Sen. LeRay McAllister, R-Orem.Some say the legal cost of fighting the new anti-abortion bill could reach $1 million. Others believe the cost would be much less.

Since the Legislature passed a bill to create a legal trust fund to collect donations from the public to defend the abortion legislation adopted earlier this year, several people have telephoned legislative office to ascertain how to contribute to the fund.

In response to such questions, McAlister and Rep. Evan Olsen, R-Cache, held a Monday press conference to direct donations to Utah Abortion Trust, in care of the Office of the Attorney General.

Olsen said the trust fund had received about $125 in small contributions thus far, but he expects donations to the fund to increase once people know how to contribute to the cause. "They just haven't known how to do it and where to do it," Olsen said.

Representatives of Planned Parenthood said those who wish to support the legal fight against the abortion legislation many contribute to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Executive director Karrie Galloway said Planned Parenthood has undertaken an informational campaign to inform Utahns that abortion is still legal in Utah "so women don't assume this law is in effect and make rash decisions."

Galloway said Planned Parenthood has received more than $40,000 in contributions since the abortion legislation was signed into law in January.