Emotions grew heated in the Senate Republican caucus Monday afternoon when final decisions had to be made over trimming back the $100 million supplemental spending bill for this year.

Gov. Norm Bangerter originally recommended $116 million in extra spending coming from extra revenues from the last and current budget year.Revised estimates and other changes reduced that package by about $20 million, still leaving more than $80 million in extra spending - the second-highest amount of extra spending in the state's history.

But tempers flared when senators were asked to free up about $8 million for one-time spending proposals not included in Bangerter's recommendations.

"We're not adequately funding Human Services," said Sen. John Holmgren, R-Bear River. "There is no real new money in Human Services. When you find $10 million in a Houdini fund for McDonnell Douglas, $17 million for the Salt Palace, and bond for $100 million and can't fund people - well, it's a plain damn shame."

Sen. Dix McMullin, R-South Jordan, said GOP leadership's financing plan for the state budget isn't working. As head of the higher education budget committee, McMullin said, "Because of these cuts you're saying, for the first time in the state's history qualified students will be turned away from colleges and technical schools because you aren't funding student growth."