Funeral services were held Tuesday for R. Welling Roskelley, a pioneer who focused on human development and upgrading agricultural techniques in the field of international development. Mr. Roskelly died Feb. 22, 1991, in Logan.

Mr. Roskelley, a professor in the Utah State University department of sociology, social work and anthropology since 1947 and department head from 1949 to 1965, was chief of party in Utah's inaugural team effort in international development in Iran in 1951.He received worldwide recognition for "The Farmer Scholar Pro-gram."

In the prototype World Bank-funded program, the rural sociologist and a team of Philippine extension agents developed a problem-solving program for 41 villages in both the uplands and lowland areas. Training of selected farmer scholars led to further training of 1,224 demonstration farmers.

Using a pyramid scheme, each farmer trained five more. Incomes for participating farmers tripled in one to two years, but more importantly, the program reached the poorest farmers and decreased discrepancies in income distribution.

The success of the program was its focus on human development, along with upgrading agricultural tech-niques.

"Too often, rural development efforts have been to deal with the problems of the pigs and chickens, while the needs of the people have been ignored," Mr. Roskelley often said.