The American Red Cross and CIRO have joined forces to raise $100,000 for Operation Desert Storm through the sale of American flag pins. The entire profit from the sale of these pins will be used by the American Red Cross to help American troops and their families.

Electroplated with red, white and blue enamel, these 22-karat gold pins are available in two sizes. The smaller pin is a replica of the flag designed by Betsy Ross; the larger, a model of the current 50-star flag.The small pin retails for $20 plus tax; the large pin costs $30 plus tax.

CIRO, the world's oldest international fashion jewelry retailer, has established this fund-raising venture for the American Red Cross as part of its continuing commitment to patriotism.

The Operation Desert Storm American Flag Pins are available by calling 1 (800) 477-4337 or writing CIRO, 15 W. 39th St., 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018. A postage and handling charge of $4.50 will be added to all telephone and mail orders.