President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro is marking the first anniversary of her election, but some say there is little to celebrate.

About 8,000 supporters of Chamorro gathered in a stadium Monday to remember her victory on Feb. 25, 1990, which ended 10 years of leftist Sandinista rule.But her vice president, Virgilio Godoy, and at least seven of the 14 parties that backed her candidacy did not attend.

They say she's cooperated too much with the Sandinistas and has not moved quickly enough to ease social discontent and rebuild the nation's shattered economy.

Chamorro said the anniversary ceremony did not represent "a winner's celebration" but "the choice by the people of a system of government and life that makes possible brotherhood, peace and dialogue."

When voters overwhelmingly elected her over President Daniel Ortega, the nation was divided over a nine-year civil war that had killed 55,000.

After taking office, Chamorro ended the U.S.-backed Contra rebel war against the Sandinistas, stopped the military draft, cut the size of the army in half and promoted national reconciliation. Press and political freedoms have been expanded, and there are no political prisoners.

But economic problems plague her.

Inflation was 13,000 percent at the end of 1990. Hospital services have been virtually halted by a strike by 23,000 workers.

Chamorro's government says it can't meet the demands without printing more money - which would push inflation even higher.

The unemployment rate is estimated to be higher than 50 percent.

The jobless include more than 20,000 former rebels and 50,000 former Sandinista soldiers who are demanding land and aid from the government.