The ground offensive against Iraq has the overwhelming approval of the American public, according to two opinion polls.

One poll also found a majority of adults feel the war is worth the possible loss of several thousand lives and that 87 percent like the way President Bush is doing his job.An ABC News-Washington Post Poll released Monday showed 80 percent approved of the ground war. A CBS-New York Times Poll, also released Monday, found 75 percent of respondents approved of the decision to start a ground war.

The CBS-Times poll also found more than half the respondents felt the ground war would be worth as many as several thousand American lives. Less than two weeks ago, pollsters said, most respondents felt that was too high a price.

The CBS-Times poll was a nationwide telephone survey of 687 adults conducted on Feb. 24, the day after the allied ground offensive began. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percent.

For the ABC-Post poll, 514 adults were surveyed, also by telephone on Feb. 24. The margin of error was plus or minus 5 percent.

Both surveys also found strong support for President Bush.

In the CBS-Times poll, 87 percent said they approved of the way Bush is handling his job and 10 percent disapproved. Only President Truman did as well, according to the poll. Truman's job performance had an 87 percent approval rating, with 3 percent disapproval, in a Gallup poll taken June 1945 following the announcement on May 18, 1945, of Germany's surrender in World War II.

In the ABC-Post poll, respondents were asked if they approved of the way Bush is handling the situation in the Persian Gulf.

Ninety percent approved and 9 percent disapproved.