A campaign to improve the image Utahns have of their state and a second one that encourages the purchase of Utah-made products complement rather than detract from each other.

Keeping that firmly in mind, members of the Utah Works Committee are moving ahead in the second phase of their campaign to encourage purchase of Utah products.During Thursday's committee meeting, the members listened to a presentation from N. Alan Barnes, coordinator of the "Utah: A pretty, great state" campaign originated by the Utah Economic Development Corp., which was designed to encourage Utahns to have a better image of themselves and their state.

Also speaking was Rick Thrasher, UEDC president and chief executive officer, who promised to cooperate with Myron Walker, chairman of the Utah Works Committee, in pushing both campaigns. Thrasher even suggested that the two logos be advertised together.

Committee members agreed the programs complement each other. Lt. Gov. W. Val Oveson said both campaigns help Utah's economy.

Bruce Richeson, marketing director for the Utah Department of Agriculture, said the first phase of the "Utah Works" campaign consisted of producing television spots that featured the logo and encouraged people to purchase Utah-made products.

The second phase will encourage Utah businesses to purchase billboard, newspaper, television or radio advertising. Richeson said companies can either advertise alone using the "Utah Works" logo or share some time or space with other companies, making the cost to each business lower.

With the addition of some money from the Utah Works Committee, the advertisers will be getting more advertising time and space for the dollars they spend.

Changes to the interior of the "Utah Works" logowere discussed, because some people think it shows an old-fashioned sweat shop.