The Provo School Board's heavily criticized decision to place Canyon Crest Elementary School on a year-round schedule will be reconsidered at a board meeting tonight.

School board members contacted Monday say they don't know what the board will decide. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Provo School District offices, 280 W. 940 North.Board member David Weight said the board Tuesday will discuss whether it needs "to revise in any way" its January decision placing Canyon Crest on the year-round schedule beginning in July.

In so doing, he said, board members will be "looking at a variety of other points of view." The school board implemented the program to ease overcrowding at the school.

"I don't know what will come out of it for sure," Clark said.

Board President Mossi White said she anticipates a "solution that will be beneficial to all students in the Provo School District." She did not elaborate.

The last time the board made a decision thought to be good for Canyon Crest students, the parents of those students revolted.

Citizens launched a multipronged attack on the board, saying, among other things, it was undemocratic in its decisionmaking process. Parents say the board did not adequately inform them of its plan to make Canyon Crest a year-round school.

Parents would like at least a year to study alternatives to the year-round concept. They believe there are less expensive and less disruptive methods to ease overcrowding. Parents also say year-round programs are not beneficial to children's education.

While board member Ken Clark said he is not against year-round school, he agrees with parents that it might be best to wait a year at Canyon Crest.

"I don't think it would be that beneficial to force year-round up there right yet. Perhaps there are still some options to look at," he said.

Clark said he is concerned about the school-parent relationship in the neighborhood because of all the controversy surrounding the issue.

"I think it's being blown out of proportion a little," he said.

Board members said Tuesday's meeting is not to be a public hearing on the merits or criticisms of year-round school.

However, White said the board has received requests from citizens to address the issue and those requests will be honored at the meeting.