In Oct. 1989, I signed up with National Consumer Research and paid it $252.88. That included the price for a wand it used in tabulating purchases made by members. After two months I could see that the program would not do for me what it was intended to do, so I asked for a cancellation.

The company offered me a refund of $59.47.I wrote it, asking about the price of the wand that I never did receive plus the fact that I returned the membership and director packs just like I received them.

Since then I have received no further comment, nor have I received the refund they said I'd receive, which should have come the last part of November.

Maybe this is one of those expensive lessons, but I thought maybe you could help. - Mrs. C.M., Kaysville.

This is an expensive lesson - in reading contracts before you sign them.

National Consumer Research says you enrolled Nov. 10, 1989. It says it received your letter of cancellation and the membership and director packs April 18, 1990. The company has a 30-day cancellation policy, which you obviously didn't meet. To receive a full refund, you would have had to cancel within 30 days.

The cancellation policy, a copy of which the company sent to us, is clearly stated in the agreement you signed.

The company says the fact that you didn't receive your wand had no bearing on your ability to take advantage of member benefits. Members were told when they enrolled that the Datawands were on backorder.

The company says you didn't meet the criteria for a full refund but you were still eligible for an 18 percent refund of your membership fee and a90 percent refund of your director fees less the personal rebates/commissions/bonuses you earned. That amounted to $59.47.

The company is undergoing a restructuring, which means the check you should have received in November will be delayed until some future date.


On Nov. 19, 1990, I ordered audio cassettes from The Good Music Record Co. in Paramus, N.J. I sent the company a check for $44.86, which was cashed, but I have not received the merchandise.

I wrote the company but did not receive a response. I tried calling but directory assistance in New Jersey said this company did not have a telephone listing.

This sounds like a typical scam operation but I have done business with this company before and I received the merchandise. Also, the company is still advertising in national magazines. - R.W., Richfield.

The company says your order does not appear in its computer and apparently was not processed. It will issue a refund, which you should receive in 30 days. It apologizes for the inconvenience.