A second business will soon be established near the I-70 interchange in the north sector of Richfield.

The city's planning and zoning commission has recommended that the City Council issue a conditional-use permit for an Arby's outlet. The fast-food outlet could be operational by Memorial Day.The business will be owned by Larry Whitaker of Circleville, Piute County, who also owns Arby's restaurants in Cedar City and Provo. It will be located on the west side of the access route to the freeway, containing a 66-foot wide access to the property.

The only business that has opened near I-70 in Richfield is Flying J Enterprises. The building is smaller than most outlets owned by the company. It does, however, include a truck stop, service station and convenience store. The facilityopened in November.

Several other entrepreneurs are planning to establish businesses in the area but have not yet applied for permits. There appears to be little or no interest in opening businesses near the city's south I-70 access.

The section of I-70 near Richfield was the last to be completed in Sevier Valley, closing the gap in the major east-west highway extending across southern Utah and providing the most direct route between Denver and Los Angeles. The section was opened for traffic in September 1989.

Subway Sandwiches, another fast-food outlet, opened a restaurant at First South and Main streets in downtown Richfield several months ago.