Eleven Manti High School students are doing far more than their usual amount of homework.

They're busy preparing portfolios that will contain letters of recommendation, records of grades and samples of their school work, such as a short story written for a creative writing class, a report on a lab exercise or a map prepared for a geography project.The portfolios must be presented to the faculty by the end of February. And they'll be reviewed by judges from the colleges and universities - three for each category - who will select the winners and the two runners-up in the Central Utah Sterling Scholar Program.

This year's Central Utah Sterling Scholars will be introduced at the awards assembly at Juab High School in Nephi on April 4. Each winner will receive $200; each runner-up, $100.

In addition to examining the portfolios, the judges will interview each candidate and perhaps ask those in categories such as drama and music, for instance, to demonstrate their skills.

Manti High School's 11 candidates, said Rodney Cox, school counselor, were selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and contributions to school and community.

They are Derek White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard White, Ephraim, general scholarship; Bobi Gardner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Allen Gardner, Manti, English; Brian Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Baker, Ephraim, speech and drama; Carrie Clayton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clayton, Manti, social studies; Dee Olsen, son of Mrs. Tawnya Olsen, Manti, and David Olsen, Richfield, science; Alex Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Peterson, Ephraim, foreign language; Danielle Nance, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nance, Manti, mathematics.

John Barrett, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Barrett, Ephraim, vocational education; Alesa Patterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Patterson, Mapleton, homemaking; Emily Huntsman, daughter of Mr. Leona Reusch and the late Evan C. Huntsman, Ephraim, business; and Christena Wintch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Wintch, Manti, music.