Kuwait's crown prince, who is also his country's prime minister and heir apparent, promised Sunday to bring back parliament "in the right time."

Crown Prince Sheikh Saad al-Abdulla al-Sabah said in an interview on CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" that the restoration of parliament and possibly giving women the vote could be discussed when his countrymen return home.There was widespread dissatisfaction with the ruling al-Sabah family which fled to Saudia Arabia after Iraq invaded their country on Aug. 2.

Only a fraction of the population - men whose families were in the country before the 1920s when oil was discovered - were allowed to vote. Parliament was suspended in 1986.

When asked if he was going to reinstate parliament, Sabah replied, "Yes. But in the right time. Again, I repeat this is one of the questions which could be discussed with the Kuwaitis when we go home."

To a question about giving women the vote, he responded: "And also this could be discussed in our meetings in the near future."

As allied forces stormed ever deeper into Kuwait, the exiled government Sunday signed contracts to clear rubble and garbage once Iraqi forces have been ousted.

In a first step toward rebuilding the once super-rich emirate, Fahd Abdullah al-Hisawy, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, signed the contracts with five Saudi firms.

The exiled government is reported to have allocated an initial $550 million to rebuild the emirate.

Iraqi troops are reported to have taken all garbage trucks, as well as aircraft, hundreds of buses and other items during their occupation.