University of Utah materials science and engineering students are exhibiting posters in the Engineering and Mines Classroom Building this week on the growing importance of polymers in industry and medicine.

Joseph D. Andrade, professor and chair of the department of bioengineering and professor of materials science and engineering, says the posters are displayed in the foyer of EMCB as part of U. observances of National Engineering Week.The students, who are juniors and seniors, prepared the signs as a course assignment in Materials Science 519, which covers the chemical properties of polymers and their extensive engineering applications. The course covers plastics, chemistry and materials engineering.

Andrade says many of the color posters were prepared on computers and illustrate plastics in adhesives, in bicycles, automobiles, textiles, batteries, wind surfing, backpacks and a wide range of other applications.

The posters provide visitors during Engineering Week with information about the role of polymers and plastics in modern industry and medicine.