Mongolia's ruling Communist Party is dropping its most basic tenets, the teachings of Marx and Lenin, because they are outdated, party secretary Gombojavyn Ochirbat said Monday.

He made the announcement in a speech to open the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party's (MPRP) 20th congress, which will adopt a new party platform and rules later this week."Why the names of Marx and Lenin have not been included in the new platform is because it has become obvious that ideology that once ruled for decades is not up-to-date in many aspects today," Ochirbat told the congress.

The party's failure to mention Marxism-Leninism was the first such omission since the party was founded 70 years ago, foreign analysts said.

"The MPRP has reached a turning point in its history," Ochirbat said. "The party now allows plurality of views instead of one accepted form of theoretical dogmatism."

The party will be more democratic and more open to self-criticism, he said.