Age: 34

Born: Kaysville

Family: Single

Education: Attended Weber State College, courses in business, finance and real estate.

Occupation: Real estate appraiser


Population: 13,985

Budget: General fund, $4.5 million; Total: $13 million

Number of employees: 35 full time

Mayor's salary: $7,200 annually


Politics: Conservative independent, non-partisan

First "real" job: Bagging groceries

Management style: Depend on a well-trained city staff. "We have a good working relationship. They're part of the team, and it doesn't take a whole lot of motivating them to get the job done." Believes in long-range planning, "but I seem to end up spending a lot of time putting out brushfires along the way."

Why I like being mayor: "Some days I don't. But overall I enjoy it. I feel I have some input into Kaysville's future. Being born and raised here, I have a responsibility to the city."

Why I hate being mayor: "You can never win. No matter what the final decision is, you have a group of people, usually up to half of the people, who wind up upset. It would be nice, just once, to have a win-win situation where everyone is happy. But in all my years of politics, I've never seen one." Recipe for success: "I'm still working on it. My biggest asset is tenacity. I stick with things and am willing to go over the long run. I'm patient. I'll wait for the outcome and not go for the quick fix." A memorable failure: Bert & Ernie's, a sandwich and ice cream shop opened on Kaysville's Main Street in 1982. "It was a good idea, but the wrong place at the wrong time."

Heroes: The service men and women overseas in Desert Storm: "An awful lot of people have put a lot on the line to protect our interests." Leisure: Hiking in the southern Utah desert; getting away from the crowds and the telephones.

Favorite book: Any one I'm reading at the moment; a memorable and impressive one: Tom Wolfe's "The Bonfire of the Vanities." Favorite movie: No single favorite; a number of memorable, enjoyable ones.