Bombarded through the night by allied warplanes, the war-weary people of Baghdad were awakened Monday with blood-curdling exhortations to repel the allies.

Newspaper banner headlines in red ink proclaimed: "Fight them, fight them, fight them."Baghdad radio broadcast a stream of abuse at the U.S.-led allies, taking its cue from a Sunday speech by President Saddam Hussein denouncing the U.S.-led forces as treacherous infidels.

Bombs and cruise missiles landed around the capital through the night, and air-raid sirens sent residents scurrying for shelters again in midmorning Monday.

Explosions from raids on the Baghdad suburbs rumbled through the night. Anti-aircraft gunners decorated the black sky with red and yellow flashes.

Al-Thawra, newspaper of the ruling Baath party, declared Iraq would reduce the allied soldiers to a river of blood.

It published a cartoon showing eight coffins containing the bodies of American soldiers in full combat dress. On the side of each coffin written in English: for export.

The government newspaper Al-Jumhouriya had a cartoon depicting an American soldier following a road sign to Iraq. By the time he reached the end of the road, the soldier was just a skeleton wearing a helmet with the word USA.

Iraqi military communiques said the allies were being routed all along the Saudi-Kuwait front.

Officials dismissed as "a Western lie" allied reports that up to 14,000 Iraqi soldiers had surrendered.

"After crushing the enemy's onslaught . . . the Iraqi army is pouring its anger on the heads of the aggressors, inflicting on them immense losses in lives and equipment," Baghdad radio said Monday.

Baghdad radio repeatedly referred to President Bush, British Prime Minister John Major and French President Francois Mitterrand as scoundrels.