Preliminary design work is under way for the practice ice arena to be built in Provo as part of Utah's 1998 Olympic bid.

Seven Peaks owner Victor Borcherds has given Provo City a formal letter agreeing to deed property near his water park to the city for the ice sheet. The property is north of the water park and east of the administrative offices of Southern American Insurance, another company Borcherds owns.In the letter, Borcherds agrees to turn the property over to Provo, which in turn will give it to the state for use as an Olympic venue.

The architectural firm of Gillies, Stransky, Brems, Smith of Salt Lake City has been selected to design the ice arena, which will be used for training and preliminary skating competitions. The Sports Authority has set aside $100,000 for preliminary design work - defining the architectural requirements of the structure, cost analysis and identifying parking needs, etc.

Some of the money may also be used for schematic drawings of the proposed facility. The design firm has already met several times with Borcherds and Provo City officials.