Razing of a former LDS Church on Main Street will pave the way for construction of a housing complex for low-income senior citizens.

The church was purchased by Fillmore officials who later decided to trade it for a clinic building that was owned by the hospital. This allowed the hospital taxing district to give funds to the senior housing project.An $18,000 allowance from Gov. Norm Bangerter's office paid for the contractor who tore down the church building, hauled fill dirt to the site and compacted it. The governor directed that a suitable site be found in Fillmore for senior low-income housing.

Land was available near the Fillmore Community Medical Center, but officials felt it was too distant for the senior citizens to conveniently shop and attend church.

Construction of the complex probably won't begin until October when a loan from the Federal Housing Administration might be available.

The housing project will initially include 15 units with 15 more to be constructed later. Persons who are interested in living in the apartments may contact Madge Warner, Dean Whicker or the senior citizen center in Fillmore for applications. Occupants will be selected according to needs and income.