The senior commander of Arab forces in the coalition war against Iraq said Monday Iraqi troops who kill or terrorize Kuwaitis can expect to face war crimes trials.

Lt. Gen. Khalid bin Sultan, who also directs the Saudi military, said several hundred Kuwaitis have been executed, raped, tortured, mutilated and hanged by Iraqi troops who previously were reported to have killed thousands of Kuwaiti citizens.He said the coalition forces have deliberately tied their hands "with what I call the golden rule of Desert Storm - to avoid, if we possibly can, any harm to the Iraqi people. This is in clear contrast to Saddam's killing of innocent civilians, including thousands of Kuwaitis who have been tortured and murdered."

Khalid said no effort would be made to bring Saddam Hussein out of Iraq to face war crimes trials, saying, "His own people, his own nation, can deal with him."