Alta View Hospital-

BEVERIDGE, Val and Heidi, Magna, girl.

JACKMAN, Larry and Deirdre, West Jordan, girl.

STEENBERGEN, Jake and Kelly, West Valley City, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BINGHAM, Ronald and Kim, Sandy, girl.

DAVIS, Nathan and Cindy, Salt Lake City, boy.

DURFEY, John and Debra, Salt Lake City, boy.

EDELMAYER, Kim and Pamilla, Green River, WY, girl.

GREGORY, Roger and Terri, Sandy, girl.

LEAVITT, Charles and Keri, Salt Lake City, boy.

LUNT, Shawn and Monette, Draper, boy.

MARSHALL, Nathan and Christine, Salt Lake City, girl.

MATHIS, Carl and Melissa, Salt Lake City, boy.

MCALLISTER, John and Terri, Midvale, girl.

OSTLER, Thomas and Donna Lee, West Jordan, boy.

SHELLEY, David and Brenda, West Jordan, girl.

WILHITE, Jack and Cindy, Salt Lake City, boy.

YATES, Jim and Pamela, West Jordan, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

AMADU, Iddi and Stephanie, girl.

AMARO, Rosie and MONTES, Alberto, boy.

BIRD, Tammy and GREEN, Kirk, girl.

CALDWELL, Don and Kelly, boy.

CHRISTENSON, Toni, girl.

COOK, Jeff and Korine, girl.

CORDOVA, Troy and Maribel, boy.

CROSEN, Peter and Debbie, boy.

GREENHALGH, Wes and Janet, girl.

GUEST, Curtis and Michelle, boy.

HAYES, John and Marjorie, girl.

JOHNS, Micki, girl.

JONES, Michael and Michelle, girl.

NIELSEN, Kerry and Tami, boy.

ORTIZ, Les and Kathryn, girl.

RASO, Alicia and LOPEZ, Joseph, girl.

SHANE, Douglas and Donna, girl.

SMART, Roger and Jana, girl.

WARD, Michael and Barbara, boy.

WARNER, Mike and Patrice, boy.

Lakeview Hospital-

SHEPHERD, Ronald M. and Cindy, Bountiful, girl.

LDS Hospital-

PARRISH, Gordon and Corrine, twins, boy and girl.

ADAMSON, Greg and Sandy, girl.

BURTON, Kevin and Jennifer, boy.

CARR, Taylor and Lori, girl.

CAWLEY, John and Connie, boy.

CRAIG, Glenn and Cynthia, girl.

HAWKS, Andrew and Karen, boy.

HEAD, Nancy and SCOTT, Robert, girl.

HEYREND, Jon and Joell, girl.

IRVINE, Thomas and Linda, boy.

JACKSON, Brian and Heidi, boy.

LYNCH, Jeff and Suzanne, boy.

MOORE, Jeff and Jonna, boy.

NELSON, Rian and Stacy, girl.

OLSEN, David and Wendy, boy.

ONTIVEROS, Rual and Karri, boy.

PARSONS, Michael and Sarah, girl.

PHELPS, Larry and Marya, boy.

ROBINSON, David R. and Wendy, girl.

SAWAYA, James and Catherine, girl.

SCRUGGS, Herbert and Shirley, boy.

STEED, Greg and Amy, girl.

THOMPSON, Bruce and LaRee, girl.

VALDEZ, Rusty and Jennifer, girl.

WALL, Kurt and Debra, boy.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ALVARADO, Angela, Kearns, boy.

ARNOLD, Edward and Julie, West Valley City, girl.

BARNEY, Karen, Grantsville, boy.

BELL, Yvette M., Kearns, girl.

CASTLE, DeVonna and MILLER, Richard, West Valley City, girl.

CHAPMAN, Matthew and Annette, West Valley City, boy.

CHRISTENSEN, Ken and Sheila, West Jordan, boy.

EGGLI, Daniel and Gayle, West Jordan, girl.

FLANDRO, Stephen and Stacy, West Valley City, girl.

FLORENCE, Sheila and VIEARY, Jary, West Valley City, girl.

GRAHAM, Donald R. and Angela, Kearns, girl.

HOLMES, John and Susan, Murray, boy.

KEARNEY, Sharane and SNOW, Bryan, Kearns, girl.

LYMAN, James and Debra, West Valley City, boy.

POWELL, Dave R. and Jill, Dugway, boy.

PRIME, Carissa and PHILLIPS, James, Kearns, girl.

REMICK, Guy and Christie, Kearns, boy.

SYNDERGAARD, Kaylene and PIERCE, Charles Jr., Taylorsville, girl.

TAYLOR, Joel and Tori, West Valley City, boy.

TOUHUNI, Kitione and Michelle, West Valley City, boy.

TRAVIS, David and Nara, Kearns, girl.

WALLACE, Anne and FENNER, Jason, West Valley City, girl.

YBARRO, Taky, Salt Lake City, boy.

YOUNG, Danny and Lorna, West Jordan, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BARNES, Becky and GONZALES, Brian, Salt Lake City, girl.

BISHOP, Mark and Michelle, Bountiful, girl.

RIGLER, Gary and Jerilyn, Sandy, girl.

WAKEFIELD, David and Kathryn, Salt Lake City, girl.

WHITE, Dallas and Shelly, Bluffdale, girl.