Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, joined 30 other House members Thursday in introducing a comprehensive recycling bill.

The bill, whose main sponsor is Rep. Billy Tauzin, D-La., would require states to develop customized recycling programs that involve at least 20 percent of their residents.It would also require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to give technical assistance, and would give credit to states that already have developed recycling programs.

"This legislation establishes a national goal of reducing solid waste by 25 percent," Hansen said. "This legislation gives states the freedom to design their own recycling program.

"What works well for one state may not suit another. For example, while curbside trash separation may be suited for a densely populated state, in rural Utah it would be impractical and unworkable."

Hansen said the bill might be enacted into law by making it an amendment to the Resource Conservation and Reclamation Act, which is scheduled for reauthorization during the current Congress.