The 2,000 workers at Defense Depot Ogden have been doing an outstanding job supporting the troops in the Persian Gulf war, says Weber State University President Paul H. Thompson.

"Thank you for the service you provide our nation, for the good work you're doing," Thompson told about 150 base officials and local government and civic leaders at the installation's annual prayer breakfast Tuesday.Since Iraq invaded Kuwait last August, depot workers have shipped more than 37.6 million pounds of supplies, including 30 portable hospitals. Virtually every DDO employee has been working overtime to keep the equipment flowing.

"There often is personal satisfaction in doing the job that some thought impossible," said Thompson, whose background is in business management and quality control.

"I'm sure that you have felt the joy of extra effort," he said. "Clearly one of the important factors (in winning the war) is extra effort.

"It's very important to what's happening in the nation and the world today," Thompson said. "Operation Desert Storm will make the world safe for peace, which we are confident will happen. I know that work depends on all of us."

Thompson said that in times of peace, many people will drift away from religion. "Sometimes it takes problems in the world to acknowledge our Maker, to acknowledge that there is a Supreme Being," he said.