Every time you pick up a newspaper or turn on the television, there seems to be some news about the environment.

You read about air quality, hazardous waste, global warming and hear about oil spills and recycling.Mother Earth needs help, but what can you do?

With a little help from the Deseret News, teachers can use the March 5 newspaper to encourage their students to study the environment and to make better choices about the Earth's future.

As part of the newspaper's annual "No Books Day," a special educational section focusing on "Land, Air & Water" is available to teachers statewide. The section, produced by the paper's Newspaper in Education Department, is co-sponsored by Utah State University's College of Natural Resources and College of Engineering.

How can a Utah teacher afford to miss such an offer?

The Deseret News pays nearly half the actual cost of each paper and provides the additional section plus a student quiz free in order to keep the total cost to just 12 cents per paper. A minimum of 15 papers must be ordered, and orders are due one week in advance for use on March 6.

The section contains information and activities aimed at helping students recognize that the choices they make about our natural resources have a far-reaching effect on our environment. Environmental issues are hitting closer to home as Americans realize the impact they have on their personal lives.

According to Carolyn Dickson, Newspaper in Education manager, more than 50,000 students across the state used the newspapers as their textbook for "No Books Day" last year. The state's core curriculum standards refer to newspapers as a learning resource, and the State Office of Education recently approved school use of the newspaper under state textbook adoption.

"The Deseret News is an excellent source for learning, and we are pleased to obtain this approval from the state," Dickson said. "Recent studies show that student performance improves with the use of a newspaper in the classroom, and students love to use it for a textbook on No Books Day."

To order copies of the March 5 Deseret News and special environmental supplement, call 237-2140.