Charles Quellette says his conscience moved him to pay off a parking ticket he got during an ill-fated gambling trip 34 years ago.

Reno Municipal Court received a faded overtime parking ticket, a $1 bill and a short note from Quellette in the mail last week.The note read: "I have decided to pay all my old outstanding debts before I become a horizontal person. Better late than never.

P.S. Sorry for oversight."

Quellette, from Bakersfield, Calif., got the ticket in 1957 while he was in Reno gambling. He lost nearly all his money during the visit, he said.

He said he found the ticket while cleaning out his desk years later and recently decided to pay it to clear his conscience.

Overtime parking tickets at the time carried a $1 fine. The fine since has increased to $9.

Court Clerk Gayl Dodge said a fine paid 34 years late is a record.

"It's real unusual," she said. "We just might frame it."