With 50 arts councils throughout the state, local artists and art lovers don't have to look far for fulfillment.

Here is a summary of how some of these councils - and the organizations they promote - are doing in Salt Lake and Davis counties:Salt Lake County

- Salt Lake City, of course, is home to the state's largest art groups, such as the Utah Symphony, Ballet West and the Utah Opera, most of which are funded through large state and federal grants as well as private contributions.

But the city also bustles with five dozen other groups and events too numerous to mention. The diversity, however, is broad and ranges from the Ballet Folklorico de las Americas to the Salt Lake Jazz Society.

The Salt Lake Arts Council, with a budget of $366,000, administers all types of art activities.

- West Valley City established an arts council two years ago to coordinate a growing emphasis on community cultural activities.

Arts council chairwoman Valerie Kemp said the state's second largest city is starting to pay more attention to the "broader quality of life" issues and is conducting a "cultural assessment" to determine the extent of citizen support of the arts.

Currently, with a small budget of $4,500, the council helps to sponsor the West Valley Community Theater, which performs in the Harmon Home; regular art exhibits at City Hall; and an art-in-the-schools proj-ect that reached 3,000 elementary school children last year.

As with many communities, West Valley artists are limited by the lack of facilities.

- In West Jordan, the arts have not received the attention they deserve because of other pressing fiscal and administrative demands, said Kenneth A. Miller, mayor of one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

However, Miller is convinced that citizens want local access to cultural activities and said West Jordan is planning to develop a variety of arts programs, including a community orchestra and an annual musical performance.

The city also hopes to promote art exhibits and other types of cultural events as finances are available, the mayor said.

"It would be a mistake to bite off too much at one time. We intend to do things well."

- South Jordan's master planning process has taken arts and cultural activities into account, said City Administrator Richard Warne.

Plans call for the development of a large amphitheater at the city's new park along the Jordan River at 110th South and an auditorium in a proposed recreation center north of Bingham High School.

Warne said the realization of those goals will encourage the establishment of performing groups and art activities in South Jordan. To date, the city's arts activities have been limited to occasional co-sponsorship of events, such as an upcoming local performance by an amateur dance troupe.

- In Draper, Elaine Redd is chairwoman of the city's arts council, which, with an annual budget of $14,000, oversees the 35-member Draper Symphony, which performs twice a year, including a youth concerto.

The council also oversees the Draper Community Theatre, which performs one major musical each fall and is in the process of forming a youth theatre.

- City officials in Sandy allocated $44,000 this year to the Sandy Arts Council, whose chairwoman is Beverly Barrett.

The money funds the city's annual projection of the "Nutcracker" and a summer musical. Some funds are also allocated to the American West Symphony and Chorus.

Included in the council's budget is an annual arts show, featuring Sandy artists, and a youth art show, featuring elementary students in the Sandy area.

- The arts in Murray are administered by the Murray Arts Advisory Board, which doesn't have a fixed budget but recommends arts proj-ects to the City Council as they come up.

The board sponsors the Arts in the Park Program in the Murray Park Amphitheater each year. The Arts in the Parks project features the annual summer musical, sponsored by the Murray Arts Council.

- In South Salt Lake, community development coordinator Gary Sessions said he was recently asked by the City Council and the mayor to organize a community arts council.

Sessions says he plans to meet soon with leaders of the city's seven "village councils" to get input.

Despite the lack of an arts council, some citizen groups have already taken the lead. The Salt Lake Symphony rehearses in South Salt Lake City Hall and provides a concert for the city's July 4 celebration. Davis County

- Without question, the largest supporter of the arts in Davis County is Bountiful, which is home to the Bountiful Davis Art Center, the Bountiful Symphony, the Bountiful Community Theater and the South Davis Community Choir.

The City Council budgeted $69,000 for the programs this year but only because they have been historically supported by the citizens, said City Manager Tom Hardy. "The city sees a lot of citizen support above and beyond what the city gives to these programs."

The largest beneficiary of the city grants is the art center, which was allocated $36,000 this year and operates in a building owned and subsidized by the city.

The community theater, in business for 17 years, performs four shows a year with a loyal clientele but lacks a facility of its own. "The biggest problem we have is we don't have a home. We shift from high school to high school," said Stanford Smith, chairman of the theater's board.

Smith is trying to persuade the city to either invest in building a new theater or spend money to renovate the basement of City Hall as a permanent theater. But those projects could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are at least five years away, Smith said.

Other Davis County municipalities contribute small amounts to perennial productions and to the Bountiful Davis Art Center, which sponsors the annual Summerfest in Bountiful.



City support for the arts

Ever wonder how much your city government is spending to support the arts? Now, you know...

Fruit Heights $500

West Bountiful $500

Centerville $500

North Salt Lake $1,000

Woods Cross $1,500

Draper $2,000

West Valley $4,500

Murray $11,000

Sandy $44,000

Bountiful $69,000

Salt Lake City $285,000

Salt Lake County spends nothing for the arts.

The following spend small amounts sproadically according to needs and abilities:

Layton ($0 to $5,000)

Kaysville ($0 to $1,000)

Farmington ($0 to $1,000)

South Jordan($0 to $500)

West Jordan ($0 to $500)

Riverton ($0 to $500)

Bluffdale ($0 to $500)