Gov. Norm Bangerter's plan to turn over administration of the Navajo Trust Fund to Utah Navajos was first rejected and then passed by the House on Friday.

HB394, sponsored by Rep. David Adams, R-Monticello, reorganizes the state Division of Indian Affairs and the Indian Affairs Council, and it also creates an all-Navajo board that would have administered millions of dollars in oil and gas royalty money paid on the Utah portion of the Navajo Reservation."This is the governor's bill, but not the Indians' bill," said Rep. Vernon Borgeson, D-Clearfield.

However, Adams said all seven chapter houses on the Utah portion of the reservation have endorsed the plan. "The purpose of the bill is to put the administration of those funds solely in the hands of Utah Navajos," he said.

The bill, opposed by some Indian organizations, was first rejected by a 29-41 vote. Lawmakers later reconsidered the bill and passed it 49-22.

The bill now goes to the Senate.