Gov. Norm Bangerter may not receive a pay raise this year.

The House voted 55-10 to freeze executive salaries at existing levels instead of granting the 4 percent increases proposed in a bill sponsored by Rep. Ted Lewis, D-Salt Lake.But late Friday afternoon, after once refusing to reconsider the bill, the House voted to rehear HB48 on Monday morning. "Third time is a charm," said Majority Whip Byron Harward, R-Provo.

The bill would have increased Bangerter's salary to $75,700 and Lt. Gov. Val Oveson's annual salary to $56,800. Attorney General Paul Van Dam would have received $60,000, and State Auditor Tom Allen and Treasurer Ed Alter would receive $57,400 each.

Rep. Bob Anderton, D-Taylorsville, said legislators have not granted themselves pay raises for a number of years, so the executive branch also should forgo additional compensation.

Bangerter's press secretary, Francine Giani, said the governor made no recommendation for executive salaries in his budget. However, the Executive Compensation Committee had recommended an 11.4 percent increase for Van Dam and 4 percent raises for the rest of the executive officers.

"I guess we'll have to live with the decision of the House. That's the process, the Legislature appropriates the salaries," she said. Giani said the Senate also will consider the bill, so there may be more changes Monday.

Commenting that he has no personal interest in the bill, Lewis said the bill also contains language that sets the salaries ranges of department heads.

"I hope before we're done here you'll reconsider what you've done," Lewis said.