Military commanders detained Premier Chatichai Choonhavan Saturday, his son said. Troops took over government-run news media.

"I think they've got the prime minister," said the premier's son and senior adviser, Kraisak Choonhavan.Two military trucks arrived at the government-run television station and soldiers ordered broadcasts stopped, witnesses said. Other troops appeared at the government radio station and public relations department. There were no initial reports of violence.

A scheduled midday news broadcast on the state-owned Radio Thailand was replaced by music. There was no explanation why.

Reporters at the public relations department saw three military trucks and armed troops stationed outside.

For months, there has been friction between the top military commanders and the elected government of Chatichai over criticism of the military by some government officials.

Worries over a confrontation grew after Chatichai on Wednesday appointed Deputy Premier Arthit Kamlang-ek, a former armed forces commander, to the added post of deputy defense minister.