The recession will keep inflation in check, economists say. That's like being glad you have pneumonia because it means you won't catch a cold.

- Inflation is nature's way of ensuring that when you get old you, too, can talk about how cheap things were when you were young.- "We waste more energy than any nation on Earth," says Sen. Al Gore. Yes, but it's nice to find an economic activity we're still good at.

- The Soviet budget deficit last year was $93 billion. What a second-rate power. In a leader like the U.S. it's two or three times that.

- A new study says people work better when given occasional whiffs of peppermint. Frankly, we prefer the smell of money.

- The man at the next desk says it wasn't a lie to describe his used car in a classified ad as having "no cholesterol." Besides that, it helped sell it faster.